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The real beauty of Jujutsu is its capacity to be a situation-appropriate set of martial skills. It can be used to deflate a hostile situation at school, or to escape a truly dangerous situation out in the real world. Students learn a simple set of techniques that have been proven over the hundreds of years this art has been practiced. Students also learn the real life ramifications of using their skill set in terms of trouble at school or even with the law.
Karri Rahkonen – 3rd Degree Black Belt – Training Since 1989
I make sure to spend one-on-one time with each student every single day to make sure that they are progressing and living up to their potential. I challenge and frustrate them to better prepare them for a successful life outside the dojo.  Still, my goal is to have every student leave smiling, sweating and having learned something valuable every time they come to class.


This class is only available at the Gig Harbor Location.