NINJA RANGERS Gig Harbor (Link to Schedule) & Tacoma (Link to schedule)
Ninjutsu is the name given to a set of martial arts skills used primarily for escape. Kids will learn how to get away from adult-sized dangers in a positive, active environment. Kids also learn that exercise can be part of play. Self-discipline, decision making and positive reinforcement are stressed on a daily level.
Karri Rahkonen (Gig Harbor) – 3rd Degree Black Belt – Training Since 1989
I have been teaching kids classes in Gig Harbor since 2010. I really strive to make every class as engaging and positive as possible. I rely on tried and true disciplinary practices, but I emphasize personal responsibility and strong, clear boundaries. It’s a child’s job to learn and explore (in)appropriate behavior. It’s our job as parents and instructors to work together to create a fe environment for them to learn in.
Alex Ohlson (Tacoma) – Jujutsu Purple Belt – Training SInce 2013
Alex has been a student of Warrior Life for several years and has undergone our rigorous instructor training program.  His affinity for teaching kids as well as his experience as a youth leader in the Boy Scouts and in the community make him a natural fit for the class.
This class is available at both the Tacoma and Gig Harbor Locations.