Posted on October 17, 2013 by Karri
When I was serving in the Finnish Military, there was an entire lecture devoted to a rather peculiar topic for cadets in basic training—pornography. As you can imagine, an organization with a few thousand teenage boys in it might have to deal with it sooner or later.

The lecture wasn’t about how watching it was evil, or any stupid myths about going blind, but rather that it creates a condition in the male mind that is irresponsible to foster. Specifically, in pornography women never say no.

The peril lies in a man growing up thinking that women are supposed to behave that way all the time. That at any moment women are inclined if not obliged to indulge men’s libido in any way that he sees fit. There is a word for a man who carries this way of thinking to it’s conclusion despite a woman expressing to opposite— a rapist.

I’m not saying that everyone who watches pornography on the internet is going to start attacking women, but in watching it, you participate in the fantasy and through repetition condition your mind to indulge in similar thoughts on your own. It’s the self-help tape effect, except you are patterning yourself involuntarily. You move yourself closer and closer on the spectrum of misogyny, abuse and shallow gratification.

So, if you must watch, just bear in mind that the actors on the screen bent acrobatically to display their respective organs are not behaving like real people. It’s about as real as the fighting in bad kung fu movies. The timelines are edited and the feelings are missing. It’s art (technically), not life.

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